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Valerie Brunova


Valerie Brunova is an experienced child care provider. She founded Child Care #1, LLC back in 2012 and since then she is one of its leading teachers. Back in Russia Valerie graduated from Sochi Pedagogical University studying Early Childhood Education with English minor. Her life changed when she moved to Maryland, United States of America. Since day one she knew she wanted to work with bilingual children and presume their native Russian language among American culture. “I always wanted to work with children, I feel it's my passion and I like what I do, which is very important”, says Valerie. In orden to keep up with the nation's leading institutions, Valerie Brunova takes annual child care training and conferences offered by the State of Maryland. Along with being a child care provider Valerie has a Bachelor of Science from University of Baltimore and she is on her way to get her Master’s degree in Child Development. Valerie is a very professional, honest and loving provider that will definitely influence your child in a positive and caring way. She believes in teamwork between parents and providers, as a most significant part of the child's development process.

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Irina Zhogina


Irina Zhogina has more than 20 years of experience working with mixed aged children. Her career in child development was absolutely predetermined; her mother had worked as an elementary school dean for a couple decades and she was the one who influenced Irina's Early Childhood Education. Irina always says, “I remember the time when I was coming to my mother’s school where she not only was a dean but was also teaching biology to kids, and I looked at her with a passion that one day I will be giving my own knowledge and experience to children.” Irina graduated Rostov Pedagogical University with a minor in Speech Development, while in school she worked part time as an Elementary school teacher aid. Upon graduation Irina fulfilled her desire to bring knowledge to children by becoming a daycare teacher at one of the best government owned daycare facilities. It was not even a question of what to do when Irina and her family came to the United States; it was certain that she will be continuing doing what she loves the most: educating children. Now Irina Zhogina is a provider and one of the leading teachers at Child Care #1, LLC.


Olga Brown

Music Teacher


         Olga Brown started her musical training at age seven in Kazan, Russia. In 1980 she graduated

         from Kazan Pedagogical College as a Certified Preschool and Music Teacher. She has had               passion to teach and inspire students playing musical instruments and singing for most of her           adult life. Olga’s American experience includes working in MD and VA preschool Centers               conducting a choir, performing recitals and staging musicals for more than 15 years.

        Olga believes that a good musician never stops learning. Her teaching philosophy is to make

        learning of a musical instrument is a fun and enjoyable experience. For Olga every child is                unique that’s why her lessons are tailored to meet the needs and goals of every student.

       Olga started working with Child Care #1, LLC five years ago and instantly, she became a                    valuable part of the team!


Alex Zhogin

Co-provider/Craft teacher

Alex Zhogin started working with children when he was a student at the North Ossetia University, he was an assistant teacher at the aviamodel class. Lately, he became a leader teacher, he taught how to hand make model planes. When he came to the United States he decided to bring his ideas into something new, he organized Saturday arts and craft class for children who have desire to build and construct. SInce the opening of Child Care#1, LLC Alex was a co-provider and recently he innovated his ideas into the daycare curriculum, thus creating a class where students can freed their imagination and create masterpieces of their own.


Andrey Trofymenko

Co-provider/Gymnastics coach

Andrey Trofymenko is a licenced gymnastics coach and a co-provider at a Child Care#1, LLC. He graduated from Kiev State University in 2001 with a Bachelor degree in Physical education. His journey began when he started working in his own elementary school as a PE teacher, “It was a great start for me, working in a school where everything is so familiar. I enjoyed working with elementary grade students, because they are so eager to learn new things.”, Andrey remembers. He was invited to work at the Gymnastics Academy in Columbia, Maryland in 2008 and he has been working there since then, bringing his teams to the competition level. In 2014 he started working as a co-provider at Child Care#1, LLC, he also teaches gymnastics to the ages 18 months and older.

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