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Child Care # 1

Care with Love and Attention

Every Kid Deserves Special Attention

Register Now and You will Get a Whole Free Day at Our Child Care Center with All Benefits!

Available only this week!


How Your Child will Benefit?

  • Enhanced Programs for Your Child with Activities, Improves:

    • Creativity - thinking out of box.

    • Organization.

    • Critical Thinking and Analyzation.

    • Basic knowledge of surroundings in our world.

  • Organic Meal Plan

    • 4 meals a day​.

    • Food rich of nutrients and vitamins.​

  • Includes Music and Dance Classes​

  • Physical Activities Outside on Our Playground

  • Happy and Fun Social Environment

    • Communication​​-ability to express thoughts

    • Diction

    • Vocabulary

  • Meet New Friends!​

Meet Our Experienced Teachers!

Valerie Brunova

Valerie is an experienced child care provider. She founded Child Care #1, LLC back in 2012 and since then she is one of its leading teachers. Valerie graduated from Sochi Pedagogical University studying Early Childhood Education with English minor. “I always wanted to work with children, I feel it's my passion and I like what I do, which is very important”, says Valerie. Along with being a child care provider Valerie has a Bachelor of Science from University of Baltimore and she is on her way to get her Master’s degree in Child Development. 

Irina Zhogina

Irina has more than 20 years of experience working with mixed aged children. Irina graduated Rostov Pedagogical University with a minor in Speech Development, while in school she worked part time as an Elementary school teacher aid. Upon graduation Irina fulfilled her desire to bring knowledge to children by becoming a daycare teacher at one of the best government owned daycare facilities. Now Irina Zhogina is a provider and one of the leading teachers at Child Care #1, LLC.

Please Note: This Offer Only Available for Only One Week. Which includes Meal Plan, Participation in All Programs and Activities, Use of Supplies and Toys, and an Amazing Environment with Kids.

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